Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church

Tallahassee, FL


 Interview from Wave 94 with Doug Apple Tallahassee 2017

Interview With Leaders of the Greek Food Festival from Wave 94 with Doug Apple Tallahassee 2015 

Greek Béchamel Sauce from September 29, 2015

Special interview with Doug Apple from Wave 94 Tallahassee 2014

WCTV.tv Tallahassee Celebrity Chef with Harriet Kanelidis

Dimensions piece on the Festival in 2008

Videography by Zachary Helton

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It has always been a pleasure and honor to serve and spend time with you. 

Our parish community has a long history of giving back to the greater Tallahassee community, not only through our local outreach efforts, but also through our Festival. 

This has been our way of saying “thank you” to you—our friends and neighbors from Tallahassee and surrounding communities—for all of the support and friendship you’ve shown us throughout the years. This is a tradition of giving that we intend to continue. 

We see this as a true community-building event for our beautiful city, and we hope you’ll join us for more Mediterranean music, dancing, culture, delicacies, laughs, and fun this fall! October’s event promises to be yet another unforgettable weekend, see you then!